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Hispanic Center for Law & Justice

The HCFCIR launches the Hispanic Center for Law & Justice to deal with the injustices that are taking place due to attorney misleadings.

We did our first Immigration Symposium/Conference in Austin, TX in May where we were able to help hundreds of families with issue pertaining to their immigration status as well as their rights as undocumented immigrants in America. It was a phenomenal evening. It was the first in a series of symposiums that we will be doing across the state and around the nation, which is part of Hispanic Center for Law & Justice initiative. The Hispanic Center for Law & Justice is a network of attorneys with a track record of helping the Hispanic community and that are trustworthy & honest. More information will be coming soon.

To help you better, we ask that when contacting each attorney's office, please leave your message with contact information and the best time to reach you.  Also, you may write to each attorney directly by e-mail.  Internet contact is much better and more efficient.  They will decide if they can help you in your situation.  Thank you.

Para poder ayudarle mejor, le suplicamos que al contactarse con la oficina de cada abogado, favor de dejar su mensaje con información de contacto y la mejor hora de localizarlo. También, le puede escribir a cada abogado directamente por correo electrónico (E-mail).  El contacto por internet es mucho mejor y más eficaz.  Ellos tomaran la decisión si le pueden ayudar en su situación. Muchas gracias.

Attorneys / Abogados:

Kevin M. Chavez
Attorney at Law / Abogado
Office:  281.977.6572
E-mail:  kevin@rhemalegal.com
Website:  www.rhemalegal.com



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