At the end of the day, it all comes downs to who is voting. Many of our leaders have said we believe in what the Coalition is doing and all you are representing, but we cannot give you immigration reform at the moment because those that do vote donít want comprehensive immigration reform. Well, we need to remove all excuses. And I have told them ďthat is a thing of the past, that Hispanics/Latinos in America are going to be voting in record numbers from here on out in every election. Watch and seeĒ.

If we want immigration or any other issue that is important to our community to dealt with, we have to be a voting constituency. It is not enough that we are the fastest growing demographic in the country if we donít vote. So we are devoting all of our resources in mobilizing Latinos in America to register and vote in every election through EsTiempoDeVotar initiative. We need your help and support to continue this fight to victory. The more our voting numbers increase the sooner we can get immigration past in Congress.


Thank you for your support of EsTiempoDeVotar. Your generous donation will help strengthen families, promote traditional values and transform lives and communities by helping to increase Hispanic/Latino civic participation like never before.


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